What Clearsited can do for you...

Building with existing data

Your data may be held on a database, on spreadsheets or even on paper! Clearsited can help to make this a coherent and more useful system that is adapted specifically for your company.

Make your data work

It is important that any system that we build is easier to use than your current one! To do this, Clearsited builds a customised website front-end to your new data system, hiding the difficult mechanics and making data entry, processing and retrieval as simple as possible.


The benefit of all this structured information is the ability to produce reports on demand, taking seconds rather than hours to produce. Tables, charts, graphs, without the pain of sorting spreadsheets!

Information dispersal

Use an internal website (an intranet) as a way to easily disperse live information around your company. From notice board screens to multi-user record systems, embrace your inner network!

About Clearsited


With over 15 years' experience in creating bespoke solutions through database design and web-site front ends, we have seen many different scenarios where the application of technology has made users' working lives easier. Local schools and companies have benefited from what we have done for them and it would be a pleasure to work with you too!


SQL Server is the preferred database system for new projects, though work has also been done interfacing with MySQL and other products. For the front-end to the system, this is normally created in ASP.NET, though again, other programming languages have been used.

Where are we?

Clearsited is based in North Dorset, though the nature of the work means that with an internet connection, distance is rarely a limiting factor.


Please get in touch if there is anything that we can do for you!

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    Motcombe, Dorset, UK

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