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The Westminster Chasuble


Red Velvet, fiddleback design, incorporating 15th and 16th century needlework including the tudor rose and the pomegranate of Castille, commemorating the wedding of Henry the VIII to Catherine of Aragon


Mary Christina Chasuble

18th century, fiddleback design, with good needlework.


The Pedlar’s Vestment

Vestments disguised to pass muster for a patch-work quilt, to escape detection, used by the priests at Wardour, in visiting the Wiltshire countryside in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when massing-priests were hanged, drawn and quartered as traitors. Priests in their journeys often passed  themselves as pedlars on their rounds.


Lamb Chasuble


Made in Rome for the opening of All Saints, Wardour Castle. Designed by the needlewomen of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III. Cloth of silver. French design.


Purple set

Chasuble of Silver Wire. (made from the Court dress of the 8th Lord Arundell).


Chalice Veil

From the St Germain set. 18th  century French, with good needlework.


Chalice Veil

 From the large set of vestments specially made in Rome for the dedication ceremony of the new chapel by Bishop Walmesley on 1 November 1776.


Sanctuary Lamp

By Luigi Valadier, Rome, circa 1775. One of a pair, of gilt bronze and silver, made for the chapel. The  order in Rome was supervised for the 8th Lord Arundell by Fr. John Thorpe S.J.


Altar Vases

Two from a set of four, hall marked for 1725. These are the earliest English altar vases to survive.


Recusant Chalice

Silver gilt, dated 1638. Used by the Arundell family in their chapel at old Wardour Castle.


Gilt statue of St Helen with the Cross

Designed by Giacomo Quarenghi, circa 1775, Rome. Connected with the High Altar made in the  workshop of Giacomo Quirenza to Quarenghi's design.


Altar Cruet

Made by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell, 1820. Engraved V and A for wine (Vinum) and water (Aqua).


Holy-water Bucket

Made by John Schofield, 1793. Neo-classical urn-shaped design



Made in 1786 by Charles Kandler in late rococo style to match one imported from Paris, 1778.


Pair of Candlesticks

Two from a graduated set of six. By Charles Kandler, 1732. Rococo.


Incense Boats

Paris 1776


Chalice with Apostles

Maker:Quirinus Rütgers

Aachen circa 1712 (as dated on the underside of the foot)


Silver-Gilt Monstrance

Maker:probably Parisy Séverin

Paris, 1778, (figure and base only, the remainder later)


Pair of Cruets and Stand

(English 1820)


Set of 6 Altar Candlesticks

English 1773


Four Altar Vases

1725 (Earliest in England: C.C. Oman)


Silver-Gilt Altar Cruests and Stand

Maker: Georg Erhard, Augsburg ca 1685