The Trustees of Wardour Chapel thought it might be helpful to send a quarterly email updating you on the up and coming events at Wardour Chapel and what has been going on generally.  Whilst our website ( is regularly updated, we thought a brief message with a few key highlights would be a useful addition.


We have recently said farewell to Fr Robert as he begins his retirement after over ten years of service as parish priest of The Sacred Heart in Tisbury, Wardour Chapel and Wardour School.  For the time being he is living in the presbytery next to The Sacred Heart and is happy to see parishioners as convenient.


In turn, we have been fortunate to welcome two priests to Wardour Chapel (on a rotational basis) to take over from Fr Robert.  Fr Anthony and Fr Joseph (from St Osmundís, Salisbury) who have been a wonderful addition, assisted by Deacon Michael.


Events at Wardour


Maxwell Steer will organise  a concert featuring the works of Purcell, performed by the Cherubim Trust on Sunday 16th October at 6pm. Tickets and more information is available at


The Patronal Feast Day for the Friends of All Saints Chapel, Wardour will be held on Sunday 6th of November at 11am, followed by drinks and nibbles. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.


As we approach the season of Advent, we look forward to our Service of Benediction with Advent Carols on Friday December 23rd at 5pm. 


Wardour Chapel Christmas cards (below) will be available for sale from next week, in the porches of Wardour Chapel and The Sacred Heart, Tisbury. For those living further afield, orders can be made via Jenny Tozer (



As a Friend of Wardour Chapel, you very kindly contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful Chapel.  Here are some of the things that we have done with your money in the last 12 months.


Outside work includes cleaning of debris on the roof and down pipes; repair of drainage system; clearance and removal of trees and shrubs on the northwestern corner which will be of great benefit to the building in general and allow more light into the Chapel; repair and rehanging of back door.  Inside work includes refurbishment and relining of vestment drawers; repairs to vestments; new speakers installed in the tribunes; candelabra repaired and regilded.


You may have noticed that the small cracking in the plasterwork in the dome above the altar has been increasing.  Although we believe the roof to be sound, it is important that we address the cracking of the plasterwork and to that end we recently erected internal scaffolding to reach the dome in order for a conservation plasterwork expert to make a thorough examination.  It is likely we shall need a formal fund raising appeal once we know the outcome of the investigations. We will keep you posted on this major dome project as we hear more. 


Whilst the scaffolding was erected, we managed to extract the cobweb from the beak of the dove in the middle of the dome.  We reckon this had been sitting there for about 50 years!  See photos below.





Please do let us know if you would prefer not to receive this email with the highlights of events at Wardour.  And likewise, please do also send this email on to anyone who you think would be interested to hear our news.  Feedback is always welcome.


Best wishes


Richard Arundell, Lord Talbot