Funeral Guidance Sheet

1. Inevitably funerals are arranged at short notice and at a very sad and emotional time for the whole family. This guidance is intended to help the family plan all aspects of the funeral. All contacts and fees are listed at the end of this guidance.

2. a. in the first instance contact the Wardour Deacon, Michael Hughes or the Parish Priest, Fr Anthony Paris, who is based in Salisbury. Also inform the Tisbury Parish Office and the Salisbury Parish Office to keep them informed. Fr Anthony or Deacon Michael will discuss dates, who will officiate and the format of the Funeral eg a full Requiem Mass or a simpler form of Remembrance/Thanksgiving Service. Agree hymns, readings and who will give the address. The Priest/Deacon will give the homily. There is no official Chapel Choir so the family may wish to consider their own small choir or soloist.

b. Contact a local Funeral Director who will advise on the practical aspects of the funeral including preparation of the body and burial in Wardour Cemetery. Funeral Directors who have been used to conduct funerals at Wardour include: Chris White of Salisbury and Wilton; Darren MacDonald of Salisbury; Merefield and Henstridge of Shaftesbury; Coop Funeral Care and Bracher Brothers of Gillingham. The funeral directors will pay all third party fees on behalf of the family to save administration worries. These include use of the Chapel, the Wardour Cemetery fee, chapel verger/cleaner, organist fees; car parkers and any recording of the Service if requested by the family.

c. Contact the Wardour Cemetery Secretary, Mr Alan MacDermot concerning a burial plot. The current Cemetery Regulations can be found here.

d. Contact Nick Wright, the Chapel Trustee responsible for the practical aspects of a funeral; he is always available to answer any queries. He will normal assist the Priest/Deacon on the Sanctuary at the actual Service.

3. Car Parking. The grounds outside the Chapel are private and do not belong to the Chapel Trust. Parking is therefore very limited in the immediate vicinity of the Chapel and is reserved for the Funeral Hearse, immediate family who will accompany the hearse to the cemetery, the Priest and the disabled. The majority of mourners will park in the lower car park as directed by 2 car parkers under the supervision of the estate manager. The lower car park is about 250 metres from the Chapel.

4. Contact details.

a. Clergy/Parish offices.

The Parish Priest Fr Anthony Paris (resident in Salisbury)

Wardour Deacon, Michael Hughes.

Salisbury Parish Office.

Tisbury Parish Office.

b. Funeral Directors.

Darren MacDonald 01722 330598

Merefield and Henstridge.

Bracher Brothers of Gillingham. 01747 360996

c. All cemetery matters. Mr Alan MacDermot.

d. Nick Wright for all general matters including chapel availability and times for opening/closing the Chapel.

5. Fees.

Wardour Chapel Fee



Cemetery Fees


See Cemetery Regulations



(or a fee of 100 is payable if family bring their own organist)



initial Chapel opening (30 per opening thereafter)



2 x 40 to be arranged with the Estate Manager

Chapel Cleaning (before and after)



Celebrating Priest or Deacon


At discretion (suggest 150)


Approved by the Parish Priest and Chapel Trustees. 1 March 2023